Med Conceptions

The glue that bonds Patients & Doctors - NHS Nurse Stefanie Hookway | MCS1E07

October 19, 2021 Andreas Samoutis Season 1 Episode 7
Med Conceptions
The glue that bonds Patients & Doctors - NHS Nurse Stefanie Hookway | MCS1E07
Show Notes

What does it mean to be a nurse? What’s their role in Hospitals? Are we treating them with Respect?

NHS Nurse Stefanie Hookway talks about the challenges and opportunities in nursing such as losing patients but also being with them in their last moments. She dives into the daily routine and responsibilities of different types of nurses. Through examples of personal experiences, she shares how she deals with compassion fatigue and what motivates her. Her interactions with Doctors and Patients are also discussed to discover if Nurses are given the Respect and Gratitude they deserve. 

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00:00 Intro

01:50 Nursing and what it entails

06:20 Why did you become one?

08:00 Dealing with Patient Death

11:00 Preventing compassion fatigue 

11:28 How much do NHS Nurses get paid?

12:30 Different Types of Nurses

13:54 Qualities of Good Nurses 

16:00 Arrogance leads to mistakes

17:30 Are nurses respected?

19:00 What Patients don’t tell their doctors 

20:14 Difference between a healthcare assistant and a nurse

24:40 Importance of enjoying your work

26:40 Patient and Nurse Interaction

31:50 Misconceptions in Nursing

35:50 Personal questions

41:14 Advice to young nurses and doctors

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