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Pandemic, Vaccines & Covid Variants - Prof Peter Karayiannis | Med Conceptions Podcast #1

August 25, 2021 Andreas Samoutis Season 1 Episode 1
Med Conceptions
Pandemic, Vaccines & Covid Variants - Prof Peter Karayiannis | Med Conceptions Podcast #1
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about when the pandemic will come to an end and if any other lockdowns are on their way. Vaccines' safety and side effects are discussed, as are possible booster shots and upcoming potential antivirals. The question of why some people go through covid asymptomatically and others much worse is answered. We also talk about how mRNA vaccines work and the role of antibodies. DNA tests, Covids origins and some more personal questions towards the end. 

Prof Peter Karayiannis is a Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia Medical School. He holds a BSc Degree in Microbiology and a PhD in Medical Microbiology. He has worked at St Mary's Hospital in London and was a Reader at Imperial College London. He was appointed and still serves, as a member of the scientific advisory board for COVID-19 in Cyprus. 

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00:00 Intro

01:12 Pandemic | When will the pandemic come to an end?

04:12 Vaccine safety | how common are the side effects and should we be concerned? 

10:09 Why do some vaccinated people still become infected? 

13:51 DNA Tests | Do DNA tests give an accurate account for thrombi formation susceptibility? 

17:24 Antibody Testing | Should we test for antibodies after vaccination or infection?

21:18 Covid Variants | Will Covid Variants arise that evade the current Vaccines?

26:53 Booster shots and Potential upcoming therapies 

31:14 Why do some people go through it asymptomatically and others much worse? What things can we measure to predict this response?

34:00 Did the Coronavirus escape from a lab?

36:29 Personal Questions

*Disclaimer: The information provided is no substitute for professional medical advice. No liability is accepted as a consequence of any actions taken by any individual in response to this podcast. It is strongly recommended that you independently verify any interpretation of this material and if you have a medical problem, you see your doctor or another medical professional.